Welcome to Tron Jackpots!

TRON JACKPOTS is another great example of how we implement the Blockchain. We all know what lotteries are, they involve a massive amount of luck, as the player draws a set of numbers in order to win the big prize. The lottery industry is one of the biggest and it keeps around 29% of the entire revenue of the gaming industry.

One of the main issues in a Lottery is fairness of the lottery as usually players doubt lotteries, and ask questions like whether the jackpot winner is real? Or is the random number generator secure and not fixed? Blockchain makes every aspect of the lottery transparent since every piece of information is stored on the blockchain.

"TRON Lucky Draw" is simple.

It is paid immediately when it hit the number of New Entry/Re-Entry, it is anonymous and is paid as follows:

Each time there is:

  • 1,000 New Entry/Re-Entry, it will create a MINI JACKPOTS (10,000 TRX)
  • 10,000 New Entry/Re-Entry, it will create a MAJOR JACKPOTS (100,000 TRX)
  • 50,000 New Entry/Re-Entry, it will create a GRAND JACKPOTS (500,000 TRX)
  • and pay to a random Entry/Re-Entry ID.

Tron Jackpots Smart Contract Features

Low Entry

Gain Up To 30 Jackpots Tickets in VERY LOW Entry Fees throughout the route of Autopool.


All transactions can be verified on the block chain. Every user can verify their individual transactions and statistics of company is completely transparent.

Peer-to-peer Payments

Get your earnings directly into your personal wallet.

Tron Jackpots Unique System

On top of the TRON “Lucky Draw”, you can multiply your TRX with its Tron Jackpots UNIQUE System just by sharing this to others.

Your initial purchase automatically puts you in the AUTOPOOL SYSTEM. Beside the Autopool, you can upgrade to Multiple Pool in the back office with a onetime purchase after the initial purchase. Anyone can upgrade instantly before anyone else in the Direct Pool.


Potential Income of Autopool

Direct Pool

Potential Income of Direct Pool

By introducing others to participate in TRON JACKPOTS, earn Sponsor Income whenever there is an Entry/Re-Entry in your group of 10 Levels Depth, unlimited WIDTH, you will gain 5 TRX each time.

Sponsor Income

Imagine each of you invites 3 friends to participate in this, how much you can gain from it?

Potential Sponsor Income

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